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BIT radiator by Antoniolupi


Aluminium is three times lighter than steel, yet its conductive quality is much higher. The result of this relationship led Sironi to design a heater that – with the same output – is 50% lighter than a steel one; and which uses 6.6% of the water that would be required for a traditional solution. For the end user, this is translated in equal warmth for less than half the time (and cost).

From the design perspective, BIT is highly innovative. It is manufactured as a single extruded element that can be cut at various heights. It also potentially works as an element in a matrix: it can be positioned vertically or horizontally, and it can be as tall and as wide as the user wishes it to be.

This colourful radiator – which can be painted (or re-painted) with any type of varnish – has a textured surface, which presents a variety of shading effects when light shines on it. This solution is not only eco-friendly but also makes what is usually an ugly element of a radiator in the living room stand out as an actual design presence.

Beatrice Feliz

BIT radiator by Antoniolupi
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