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Bough Bike’s founder, Dutch designer Jan Gunneweg, built tree houses as a child and ever since has had a passion for wood. His aim with this project was to create a simple yet beautiful wooden bike.

“Riding an oak wooden Bough Bike lets you escape the jazz of the city to recognise and enjoy the beauty and nature the city has to offer. That’s what makes you feel free and happy. Therefore, Bough Bikes’ motto is ‘Be moved by nature’,” explains Gunneweg.



The oak is sourced from responsibly managed forests in the French Jura area. “Wood is a natural material, it is warm and strong, and because each board is different, it has a human character. I also find its origins beautiful: you just need to plant a seed and Mother Nature does the rest,” he adds

An added bonus of the wooden frame is that it also absorbs vibrations, offering a comfortable ride.

Previously a wooden bicycle may not have been cost-effective, but new production methods enable Bough Bikes to produce large numbers, bringing the cost down. The basic model retails for €1,500.

Tanya Weaver


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