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Lumio’s inventor is Max Gunawan, a San Francisco-based architect who has diversified into product design. He set up a design studio, Lumio, with the aim of helping people live large with less. The Lumio lamp is the first product to emerge from his studio.


Lumio in three wood finishes

“I designed the product to not only be functional but also create that emotional connection between the object and the user. There’s a bit of – for the lack of a better term – magic when you can sculpt this beautiful glowing light into different forms with your own hands. No other lighting does that,” explains Gunawan.

Being cordless and with eight hours of battery life, the 700-gram Lumio can be slipped into a bag and used to provide light whenever it’s required.

Lumio by Max Gunawan
the Lumio kit

“Lumio is a simple product that is quite complicated to manufacture because we get rid of all the unnecessary details and strip it down to its essence to make it intuitive to use. I believe that good design should be simple, functional and beautiful, all at the same time,” says Gunawan.

Lumio comes with a choice of three wood finishes and has water-resistant Tyvek pages containing LEDs.

Tanya Weaver
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