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Design collective Numen/For Use has created the Net Blow-up – an inflatable interactive sculpture.

net structure inside Net Blow-up

Its designers – Croatian-Austrian design collective Numen/For Use – have been creating large-scale interactive sculptures since 1998. With these sculptures they explore the use of different materials to build with.

This most recent sculpture, Net Blow-up, is inflated much like a children’s jumping castle with a pump. As it inflates and the outer surface reaches adequate tension, the nets within are stretched. The interior forms what its designers refer to as a floating landscape or an oversized community hammock for the public.

The Net Blow-up was recently displayed near the waterfront in Yokohama, Japan. Measuring 10 x 6 x 6 metres, visitors enter on the ground level.

Net Blow-up in Yokohama

As people move around inside, the soft object deforms and mutates with the movement. They can choose to ‘float’ on one layer or bounce and spring off the mesh material.

At night the structure comes alive as the light from within acts as a giant projection screen, casting shadows of its occupants.

Tanya Weaver


Net Blow-up in Yokohama
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