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Chüne Social Radio

News Chüne Social Radio

Chüne is a playful social music device designed for interaction by many users. By simply tapping a phone on the top of the device, songs are wirelessly added to the Chüne playlist.

The Chüne design team came up with the concept while on a three-month internship at UK digital design consultancy Clearleft. The quirky and original design, built for a shared-user environment, is the result of a very open brief: “Turn a current active digital behaviour into a passive one.”
Chüne social radio

Chüne social radio

the creators of Chüne


the simple interface - with just three controls

the simple interface - with just three controls

When designing Chüne we wanted something more playful than your average sandblasted aluminium gadgets. We wanted to create something that was inviting to use, something that you want to touch and an interface that you can’t keep your hands off,” says Victor Johannson, the team’s industrial designer.

“We also decided early on that it should have a strong character, and not just blend in with other sleek tech-gadgets. A lot of the inspiration in Chüne comes from older hi-fi sets and DJ equipment.”

Tanya Weaver

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wirelessly adding songs with a tap of your phone
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NewsChüne Social Radio
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