it's charged using any standard wall socket
it's charged using any standard wall socket

Meijs started the design from scratch. His aim was to marry the archetype of the motorcycle with the latest in electric drive innovation. “I used simple bended steel tubes to connect all essential parts to each other. A saddle, a footrest and motor inside the hub of the wheel – ready,” describes Meijs.

It’s a simple design but that’s the point. “We all recognise its shape, it is familiar to us,” Meijs says. “So very soon it becomes a friend in daily life. Always ready to serve. Silent and clean.”

No motorcycle license is needed and no gas station to refuel it. The moped can be charged using any standard wall socket.

Hand-built in the Netherlands, Meijs comes in red, black and custom colours. Weighing 42kg it has a range of 75km and top speed of 45km/h.

Tanya Weaver

MEIJS is the ‘green’ solution to traffic jams
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