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Water DreamWorld creates a soft touch in the bathroom
Water DreamWorld creates a soft touch in the bathroom

Who said that the dream bathroom could only be achieved through high-tech equipment, such as chromotherapy and steaming?

For Japanese designer Oki Sato of Nendo, the dream bathroom is very basic. There’s a shower, a lamp, and that’s about it. Yet in this bathroom you can do anything you want, not just wash.

When giant German manufacturer HansGrohe asked Sato to give a shape to his vision – and to design an actual production piece for its Axor brand – he came up with Axor Water DreamWorld: a showerhead-cum-lamp.

"I wanted to combine the two most archetypal elements of the living space: water and light,” said Sato. “I steered away from the high-tech bathroom systems and basically moved a living room reading lamp into the shower."

Water DreamWorld creates a soft touch in the bathroom


Lamp Shower
it's a lamp and shower in one

The water is pumped upwards through the pipe and is then distributed through a cage that surrounds the LED bulb and falls down below the light source. “The idea was to get rid of constraints with regard to the relation between spaces and functions,” says Sato.

How one will actually be able to read a book under the shower (as the designer suggested in the presentation) remains a mystery. Yet it is certain that the Axor Water DreamWorld is a perfect product for those who wish to give a soft touch to their bathroom and who believe wellness comes more from an elegant layout than from a room packed with gadgets.

Beatrice Feliz

created by Japanese designer Oki Sato of Nendo
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