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Carving a new niche in the leisure aviation category is the e-Go single-seat aircraft. The idea for this ‘fun flying machine’ was hatched seven years ago by its chief designer Giotto Castelli. He entered his concept for a light aircraft into a national aviation competition.

the e-Go on the tarmac
the e-Go on the tarmac

Having won, Castelli set up e-Go Aeroplanes with the aim of bringing his design to life. “I believe that canard design (small front wing) can offer great manoeuvrability and efficient aerodynamics,” explains Castelli.

“The e-Go adds to that an impressive field of view and very compact airframe, with simple lines, which the air likes as much as the eye does. This also allows the weight to be kept to an absolute minimum.”

The craft is mainly made from foams and pre-impregnated carbon fibre to keep the weight down. It also features a 30 horsepower power plant that has been adapted from the Wankel engine used for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and weighs just 23 kilograms.

The total craft weighs just 115 kg and the prototype is currently undergoing flight trials and ground testing at its base in Cambridge, UK. According to Castelli, interest in this £50,000 product is high and the company has already received deposits for aircraft that will be delivered by 2015.

Tanya Weaver

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