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cord detail on the Roll cradle
cord detail on the Roll cradle

Hanging the cradle makes it swing and the movement is soft and random, similar to the child’s movements inside its mother’s belly. Four strong cotton ropes join together in a central wood ring connected to a hook on the ceiling.

The lining can be pulled out and washed, and the birch shell, when turned upside-down, becomes a table for the child’s room.

The Pluma cradle is designed like a soft nest. Pluma is made of pure, non-treated wool felt stitched by hand and supported by a light and strong solid wood structure. Roll and Pluma feature a natural cotton and biological spelt husk mattress.

the Roll hanging cradle

Once your baby grows, Woodly has a Montessori-style floor bed. Built in solid beech wood with mortised joints, no glue is used in its construction. The bed is finished with hand-applied traditional shellac and beeswax.

Belinda Stening

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