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Notes are sound-absorbing sliding panels

Silence is today’s real luxury in office environments. As some of the most recent research on working spaces shows, in the last 10 years open spaces have been increasingly the top choice for most companies. Yet the consequence – rather than the much-promised collaborative atmosphere – has been a reduction in performance due to distraction and noise.

This is the reason why so many design companies are now focusing their creative efforts into the development of cheap, unobtrusive solutions to allow employees to ‘isolate’ themselves and concentrate. Notes are one such solution, eliminating the need to actually build walls between desks.

The screen can slide for secluded or open environments

The solid, warm-looking fabric absorbs the noise from both sides, yet the particular design of the board still allows a visual link between the spaces that remain separated at seated eye level only. In line with the directives of Offecct – the Swedish commissioning company – Nichetto also selected a very particular type of felt which is recyclable and made of waste from upholstery production.

“My brief from Offecct was to create a sound panel that acted like a free-standing object,” said Nichetto. “Since they are mounted on rails, the boards can be slid from side-to-side to create various arrangements. They can also be customised in terms of colours and finishes.”

Beatrice Feliz

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