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Hidden Persuasion

News Hidden Persuasion

Visual messages subliminally flood our daily lives, influencing our choices – this book explains how

Visual messages are everywhere in our lives. In advertising terms, their goal is simple – to persuade people to buy, learn and act. Yet, some visual messages are more successful than others. Hidden Persuasion: 33 Psychological Influence Techniques in Advertising helps to uncover why, revealing the secret power of creating these messages.

Authors Marc Andrews, Dr Matthijs van Leeuwen and Professor Dr Rick van Baaren – leading figures in social influence and visual persuasion – explain the psychology behind the 33 most effective influence techniques in the craft of visual persuasion and how to apply them in real-life scenarios.

This book is for anyone wanting to understand how behaviour is unconsciously influenced by advertising, social campaigns and governmental messages.

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NewsHidden Persuasion
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