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PACO's fir wood top
PACO's fir wood top

To some, concrete is a beautiful material but its use in the new PACO loudspeaker by Italian company Digital Habit(s) goes beyond the aesthetic. The company claims that the concrete body allows for a deep and rich sound, while the harmonic fir wood cover diffuses the high notes.

But the materials are not the only innovation in this product as the user can control the sound merely through gestures. Sensors placed in a small user interface within the fir cover will detect gestures, which the software then interprets. For instance, to turn the volume up, hold a hand over the right sensor. To turn it down, hold a hand over the left sensor. To skip songs, swipe hand from right to left – or vice versa.

controlling the PACO speaker by gesture

The loudspeaker, at 26 x 19 x 14 cm in size and 5 kg in weight, can be placed comfortably on a desk or shelf. Using bluetooth it will stream music wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Although the product can be bought in its entirety from Digital Habit(s), under a creative commons license the company is allowing users to download the product files from its website with all the information needed to fabricate the speakers themselves.

Tanya Weaver

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