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Sleek and smart

You Sleek and smart

JINS Sports are stylish new sunglasses by highly acclaimed Japanese designer, Fumie Shibata

The challenge for Shibata was to provide functionality coupled with edgy design to make the sunglasses stand out in a competitive eyewear marketplace.

JINS Sports are made of durable titanium, which is flexible, lightweight and perfectly suited for physical activity. The next-generation NXT® lenses are highly durable – in fact, bulletproof – and give 99.99% UV protection. The variety of lenses includes high-contrast lenses for golfers and polarised lenses for watersport enthusiasts.

Available in 32 patterns, eight styles with four colours each, they can be purchased in-store in Asia, or online on Amazon and Rakuten.

Bree DeRoche

JINS Sports for watersports
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YouSleek and smart
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