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the Gilliam armchair
the Gilliam armchair

At the heart of Gilliam – Minotti’s new armchair, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni – is a metal structure. Yet, when you are seated, you would not believe it as it is so soft and comfortable. “It had to be metal: it has to last forever,” says Dordoni, Minotti’s art director and main designer.

The upholstery is attached to the metal structure with double rubber belts. The seat and the backrest, shaped as two padded shells, are industrially manufactured using injection moulding. “We used a particular polyurethane that maintains its shape throughout the years.” The padded elements are made of down and the handmade fabric or leather cover is removable.

the Gilliam armchair by Dordoni for Minotti

Ergonomics was also key in the brief. “We needed an armchair that could be a real relaxation machine. Hence, the decision to support both the seat and the backrest with a curved wooden base that traces a sinuous line: this accompanies the body into a perfect posture. The thickness of the shells varies in order to support the weight where needed,” Dordoni explains.

“The possibility of realising the most precious details by hand – such as the sewing elements of the cover or the curved wood – adds precision and a certain tailored feel to the final result,” he says. “This is the reason why people still see Italian furniture as synonymous with quality.”

Beatrice Feliz

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