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Made by Hand is a stunning survey of contemporary hand-makers by Black Dog publishers in the UK. With over 100 colour and black-and-white illustrations, the book takes you on a journey into the studios and private spaces that makers like to work in and explores how the custom products these artists create are made.

Made by Hand by Black Dog Publishers

Released last month, Made by Hand is boldly proposed as a ‘remedy’ to the world of mass production and is a celebration of the work of artisans and their crafts. It features the finest work of hand-makers worldwide, including tailors, watchmakers, cosmeticists, shoemakers and instrument makers, to name just a few.

This 192-page large-format paperback features interviews with every hand-maker, which delve into the techniques unique to each maker tradition and what motivates each of the artisans to work with their hands.

Some tell stories of the renowned celebrities they have made for, with some of the stunning hand-made pieces being extremely rare one-off objects.

Belinda Stening

Dashing Tweeds from Made by Hand
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NewsMaking by hand
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