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the Spike S-512 ready for take-off

Those who lament the loss of the Concorde from the skies need not fear with this new supersonic business jet in the making. Currently, commercial airliners fly at around .85 Mach, which means the proposed jet will almost double that and get passengers to their destinations in literally half the time.

Kachoria, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate, serial entrepreneur and passionate aviator, is in early stages of development of S-512 and is currently building a team of engineers and designers at Spike Aerospace’s base in Boston to bring the jet to life.

the Spike S-512 concept by Vik Kachoria

One innovation that has been announced is the inclusion of a windowless passenger cabin. Instead of windows the interior walls will be embedded with thin display screens.

However, passengers can still see the outside world if they wish as cameras on the outside of the jet will stream the views on the screens. Alternatively, they can choose a variety of images stored in the system, watch a film or, if travelling with colleagues, upload a spreadsheet.

But don’t get too excited just yet as delivery is still five to seven years away.

Tanya Weaver

interior view from Spike S-512
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