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In-Taglio chopping board by Lara Caffi for KNIndustrie

This love is often translated into an almost manic precision in detail and in the choice of materials. It is only after appreciating this very particular outlook that one can understand the link between a ceramics and a tableware brand.

This is why high-end designer-tile producer – Mutina – and top-notch arts de la table manufacturer – KNIndustrie – collaborated to create In-Taglio, which was designed by Lara Caffi. What links Mutina and KNIndustrie is the mutual relentless effort that they both put into experimenting with new materials and into pushing the boundaries of industrial craftsmanship.

In-Taglio chopping board by Lara Caffi for KNIndustrie

Young designer Lara Caffi was thus able to propose a very artistic – possibly more decorative than useful – chopping board, consisting of a porcelain stoneware slab designed by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina and a rough walnut wooden board, joined together by a steel platform.

In-Taglio was developed as a key element of the Global collection, dedicated to the preparation of food coming from different parts of the world.

Beatrice Feliz


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