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News Torch light

Lupine Lighting Systems produces small, powerful torches for cyclists and the outdoors. Students at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts were challenged by Lupine to integrate their high-performance outdoor lamp into an indoor environment without compromising the style and elegance of a modern living space.

Spot on by Maximilian Schmidt

Young German designer Maximilian Schmid presented an iconic take on what a high-performance outdoor lamp is capable of achieving, apart from its primary design function of lighting bike tracks on rocky roads at night.

His design, called Spot on, won the challenge. His ingeniously simple and very effective solution was to transform the light beam from the torch into a cone-shaped lampshade.

Through a 3D-printed connecting piece, the outdoor pocket torch is clipped onto the ‘lampshade’, which is produced from easy-care polypropylene.

Depending on the colour of the surface on which the lamp is placed, the colour of the lampshade changes accordingly, with an infinite and individual range of colour and texture options.

Belinda Stening

Spot on by Maximilian Schmidt
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NewsTorch light
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